Extreme weather events and a destablized climate, pollution and natural resource depletion, and societal unrest show no signs of slowing as our children's future begins to look far different than the world we grew up in. Our mission is to rapidly develop a network of small scale resilient co-living communities off-grid. These communities will offer on-site events, nightly rentals, and educational programs.

Among the latest sustainable technologies, we embrace traditional archicture methods that focus on low cost locally sourced materials that have not been widely used in suburban home development.

The primary barrier to increased adoption of alternative dwellings and life support systems is lack of personal experience staying in one of these homes.

EARTH Dev was created to provide the opportunity to experience a variety of Earthern and alternatively constructed homes, and off-grid life support systems.

When you decide on your favorite resiliency techniques and systems, our design team will help you (or a team) to build your own.

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